Wise Living:

A Year-Long Journey to Transform your Health with Ayurveda

Come discover the way to deeply nourish your body, mind and spirit and restore true health by living in harmony with nature. In this life-changing journey, you will develop 10 simple yet powerful habits from Ayurveda that will transform your health from the inside out.

Do you want to stop feeling…

  • Tired, exhausted or overwhelmed
  • Uncomfortable or painful digestion
  • Dips in your energy through the day
  • Physical aches or pains
  • Uncertainty about what to eat
  • Like you catch every cold or flu that comes along
  • Sluggish or overweight

and start feeling…

  • Consistent energy and enthusiasm
  • Easy, smooth digestion
  • Empowerment and purpose in your day
  • Pain-free movement 
  • Inspiration to cook for yourself or others you care for
  • Robust health and strength
  • Ease and vitality in your life

Then come join us!

By learning and implementing the practical, daily habits of Ayurveda, robust good health will naturally unfold. These time-tested tools have been practiced for over 5,000 years – and they work.

In this year-long journey, you’ll gradually learn, practice, refine, and eventually establish 10 powerful habits that will change your life. 

With the support of our healing community, you will increase your energy, improve the quality of your sleep, strengthen your immunity, heal your digestion, stabilize your weight, and deepen your relationships with others, Spirit and with your true self. 

Imagine how good you could feel in a year if you were consistently improving your habits day by day.

Truly Transform your Health by Reconnecting to the Guidance of Nature

~ with Support Every Step of the Way

Meet the Habits

Begin to learn the 10 Habits, knowing you don’t have to change overnight or be perfect.

Learn about habit-changing science and ways to work with your brain to create lasting shifts.

Start to feel some positive changes right away in your moods, your digestion and your self awareness. Get inspired by program members who are a trimester ahead of you and their progress.

Work the Habits

Now that you know the habits, begin to play with them, finding what works in your unique life. 

Notice when you are in and out of integrity and learn to shift more quickly to come back into alignment, resulting in feeling better, stronger and more confident. 

Observe how your emotions, thoughts and health are becoming more balanced, and how your vision of your ideal self may be shifting.

Live the Habits

Now you’re hitting your stride – the habits feel familiar, resulting in more happiness and physical strength. The mind is clear, and ease is coming into your life.

You struggle less to shift your behaviors towards your ideal. You are finding deeper levels of energy, your emotions are more positive and you feel more consistently inspired – and you inspire the newest cohort joining the program.

Your body and mind have become vibrant, grounded and resilient. You begin to discover a deeper alignment to your life purpose, and more clarity about what that purpose is.

Your “Wise Living” Teachers

Emily Glaser and Ivy Ingram are Vaidyagrama-trained Ayurveda Practitioners – you may have met one or both of them during your panchakarma at Vaidyagrama over the years. They are experienced at bringing the concepts of Ayurveda to life in a practical, digestible manner. 

After their Ayurveda Practitioner certification training with Dr. Vasant Lad in the United States, they trained for 6 months at Vaidyagrama in 2011 and return nearly every year to deepen their studies and service.

Emily Glaser, RN, has been trained in Ayurveda and Jyotisha, to fine tune her capacity to perceive the many levels of reality that make up our human experience. With a background in clinical nursing, Emily is continually engaged in the process of learning and personal development. Her whole-being enrichment approach to healing bridges the East-West paradigm. She teaches and lectures internationally and currently resides part of the year in Vaidyagrama Ayurveda Healing Village, in Coimbatore, India. For more information, visit: www.agniayurveda.com.

Ivy Ingram, MA, is an Ayurveda Practitioner and yoga teacher specializing in women’s health. With a master’s degree in counseling psychology, she has been helping clients experience deeper health and healing for over 18 years. A former faculty member of the Ayurvedic Institute in the U.S., she incorporates elements from yoga, herbalism, mindfulness, and presence-based coaching in her Ayurveda work with clients and students. A devoted student of Sanskrit and Vedic chant, she is fascinated by the power of sound, verse, and spoken word in healing. For more information, visit www.ivyingram.com.

The proceeds from your individual participation in this program will benefit Vaidyagrama’s healing community in one of the following ways:

2000 meals

for the elderly

1 year

of sanitary supplies for 135 young girls

10 months

of food, medical supplies & education for 2 boys in residence at Balagrama

15 villages

supplied with Ayurveda medicine & medical supplies for 5 months

What’s Included in our Year Together…

Weekly Online Group Coaching Sessions

Receive guidance and coaching from Emily & Ivy, and gain the support of our transformational group, so you can make real changes in your understanding and your actions.

Monthly Satsang with Inspiring Guest Teachers

Feel uplifted by connecting with the senior physicians of vaidyagrama and other renowned Ayurveda voices from the West.

2 One-on-One Ayurveda Consultations

Receive customized guidance through 2 consultations with a Vaidyagrama Ayurveda physician.

Bi-Monthly Check-in Calls with Ivy or Emily

Every 2 months, get specific advice and personal support on your key challenges or questions through check-in calls with either Emily or Ivy.

Downloadable Materials and Online Resource Hub

Access videos and audios to help you learn and practice each of the habits, and download worksheets and e-books to support your self-inquiry and track your progress.

Private Online Forum

Receive support and get your questions answered between sessions in our private forum.

Your Own Accountability Partner

Stay engaged with the material and your vision by connecting regularly with another program member.

A Growing Evolutionary Global Community

Become part of a dynamic community where people evolve faster and have way more fun doing it together! Meet your future best friends and colleagues, as new cohorts of participants join us each trimester.

… And You’ll Get These Juicy Bonuses!

3 Seasonal Full Moon Gatherings

Gather online with your new tribe to celebrate the Full Moon with stories, chanting, and feasting!

3 Online Cooking Classes

Observe specific cooking techniques and learn ways to make your home cooking easier and tastier!

What our Students are Saying…

“Nourishing and healing”

Ivy is very compassionate and warm. I felt heard and safe with her. I implemented the lifestyle changes and got results quickly. The sessions were nourishing and healing. Ivy is wonderful, and I’d highly recommend her!

Lisa Young

“Transformative experience”

Emily’s guidance and wisdom were the foundation of this transformative experience. She put together, and held together, a beautiful group and beautiful experience — all on-line!

Michelle Meyer

“Patient & caring nature”

I am forever grateful Ivy came into my life. Her patience and caring nature played an instrumental role as she taught me the Ayurvedic principles I now use in my daily routine. I will continue to use these principles for a lifetime.

Melanie Harms

“Knowledgeable, mindful & supportive”

I am grateful to work with such a knowledgeable, mindful & supportive Ayurveda practitioner who also has a BS in Nursing. Emily’s coaching and advice continue to be a helpful for my health and well being long term.

Betty Blackburn

Ready to dive in? Or want to learn more?

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