Training Course: November 15-19, 2021

Beautiful skin and lustrous hair reveal an overall state of good health, inside and out. Ayurveda can play a tremendous role in enhancing this evident beauty through holistic care of the body and mind. This course will increase awareness of common problems of the skin and hair, and how to remedy them through Ayurveda treatment and preventive care. You will learn the significance of Ayurveda skin care, and discover this natural route to beauty of both the body and mind.

Who can participate: Ayurveda practitioners, students and enthusiasts. We will share information for assisting clients with certain relevant conditions, as well as applying this information for self-care.

Faculty: team of doctors from Vaidyagrama Healing Village led by Dr. Ramadas A.R. (B.A.M.S.)

Topics to be covered:

Day 1: Grace and Beauty with Ayurveda Care

Day 2: Cosmetological Problems in Skin and its Ayurveda Care

Day 3: Ayurveda For Skin Care

Day 4: Cosmetological Problems in Hair and its Ayurveda Care

Day 5: Herbal Preparations for Ayurveda Beauty Care

November 15-19, 2021

6:30-8:30am India Standard Time

(begins evening November 14 in the United States)

Time Zone Converter:

Offered live on Zoom.
All classes will be video recorded and available for 3 months after course completion.

Eligible for PACE credits from NAMA Association (USA)

A certificate will be issued to students who participate in all sessions

$200 USD donation

100% of the proceeds support the Vaidyagrama Community Trust & the Punarnava Community Trust