Training Course: May 15-19, 2021

Every child deserves a healthy life. Healthy children in each family today means a healthy society tomorrow. Kaumara Bhrityam is an important part of Ayurvedic texts which provides detailed facts and application of child care from the period of conception until the adolescent age.

Ayurvedic texts on child care deals with various ailments of children along with ways and importance of boosting the immunity power in children. The immune system acts as a shield for many infections that attack children. Therefore, instead of treating the symptoms after the onset of a disease, it is important to prevent it.

Who can participate: Ayurveda enthusiasts, caregivers and parents of all young children, no need to have any basic knowledge in Ayurveda.

Faculty: team of doctors from Vaidyagrama Healing Village

Topics to be covered:

May 15: Introduction to Kaumara Brithyam: By Dr. Ramanandan, assisted by Dr. Aruna.PV., Moderator: Dr. Ramadas

May 16: Navajatha paricharya – Newborn care until 6 months: By Dr. Renjisha, supported By Dr. Prameela, Moderator: Dr. Harikumar

May 17: Swasthavritha Bala Paricharya – Care for healthy babies 6 months to 10 years: By Dr. Sajna, supported by Dr. Mini, Moderator: Dr. Harikrishnan

May 18: Bala Rogas – General childhood disorders: By Dr. Arun, supported by Dr. Aruna.M, Moderator: Dr. Harikumar

May 19: Sahaja/Garbaja vyadhi – Developmental Disorders: By Dr.Sreeji, supported by Dr.Vinod, Moderator: Dr. Ramadas

Host: Dr. Ardent and Sandhya
MC: Dr. Vasudevan and Dr. Aruna P.V.

Daily Schedule: Theory Class 75 minutes, Breakout Session 15 minutes, Case Discussion and Q&A Session 30 minutes (2 hours total)

Mentors: Dr. Aruna M., Dr. Prameela, Dr. Vinod, Dr. Mini, Dr. Ardent

May 15-19, 2021

6:30-8:30am India Standard Time

(begins May 14 evening in the United States)

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All classes will be video recorded and available for 3 months after course completion.

Eligible for PACE credits from NAMA Association (USA)

A certificate will be issued to students who participate in all sessions

$150 USD donation

100% of the proceeds support the Vaidyagrama Community Trust & the Punarnava Community Trust