Training Course: December 9-15, 2020

6:30-8am India Standard Time

Janani, an online course on Pregnancy care, considers pregnancy from the point of age-old methods of Prasooti by our elders. We wish to bring back the knowledge and wisdom of our grandmothers and integrate into today’s living to give birth to a healthy new generation.

The course includes topics on Ayurveda perspective on fetus nourishment, dietetics in pregnancy, special routines and rituals in pregnancy, role of Yoga and spirituality in pregnancy, various ailments and their management in pregnancy.

This is a 7-day course of 10 hours total. Each day includes one hour theory and 30 minutes of discussion and question and answers with the senior doctors and  Medical Directors of Vaidyagrama.


1. Garbha (Pregnancy) in Ayurveda – December 9, 2020

2. Fetal Development & Nourishment – December 10, 2020

3. Monthly Supportive Medicines In Pregnancy – December 11,2020

4. Dietetics In Pregnancy – December 12, 2020

5. Rituals & Spirituality In Pregnancy – December 13, 2020

6. Yoga & Routines In Pregnancy – December 14, 2020

7. Ailments & Management In Pregnancy – December 15, 2020


1. To have basic knowledge about pregnancy in Ayurveda

2. To develop his/her role as a mentor, and care for women during pregnancy

3. To analyse the impact of Ayurveda medical conditions, internal medicines, dietetics, rituals, yoga and environmental factors on maternal health and fetal development

4. To be able to distinguish between normal and abnormal physiologic changes during pregnancy

5. To improve the experience of motherhood with the care of Ayurveda

6. To apply the recommended prevention strategies for women throughout pregnancy

A certificate will be issued to students who participate in all sessions

Eligible for PACE credits from NAMA

December 9-15, 2020

6:30-8am India Standard Time

All classes will be recorded in case you can’t make it live.

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$200 USD