Training Course: July 7-11, 2021

Adolescence is a time of great transformation. It can be a period of emotional and spiritual growth as well as physical change, which can create challenges for some teenagers and their families. Following the Ayurvedic way of life offers many benefits in this stage of life.

In this training, we explore managing the period of adolescence in a better way, including how to make dietary and lifestyle modifications based on Ayurveda principles. A deeper awareness of the Ayurveda code of conduct will support this generation, improving the health status of each family and the generations to come.

Who can participate: Ayurveda students and enthusiasts, caregivers and parents.

Faculty: team of doctors from Vaidyagrama Healing Village

Topics to be covered:

July 7: Adolescence Challenges: Physical, Psychological, Behavioural, Social and Educational Challenges etc, importance of Ayurvedic way of lifestyle
* By Dr Aruna M, Supported By Dr Prameela, Discussion Panel: Dr Ramadas

July 8: Puberty in Male: Hormonal changes, Ayurvedic concept of growth and development etc
* Dr Ardent, Supported by Dr Vasudevan, Discussion Panel: Dr Ramanandan

July 9: Puberty in Female: Menarche, Menstrual Cycle, Hygiene, Rithumati charya etc
* Dr Mini, Supported by Dr Aruna P V, Discussion Panel: Dr Harikumar

July 10: Ayurvedic Management of Common Disorders of Adolescence: Menstrual Problems, Precocious Puberty, Primary Amenorrhea, PCOD, Anaemia, Acne, Gynecomastia etc, Prevention of hormonal disorders
* Dr Harikumar, Supported by Dr Renjisha, Discussion Panel: Dr Ramadas

July 11: Codes of Conduct in Adulthood: Importance of following sadvritha, dinacharya etc. Study habits, Stress and anxiety  management, precautions for sexual abuse, drug abuse etc, importance of understanding the inner wisdom and capabilities, etc.
* Dr Anupama, Supported by Dr Vinod, Discussion Panel: Dr Harikrishnan

Daily Schedule: Presentation 60 minutes, Breakout Session with Mentor 15 minutes, Discussion 45 minutes (2 hours total)

July 7-11, 2021

6:30-8:30am India Standard Time

(begins July 6 evening in the United States)

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Offered live on Zoom.
All classes will be video recorded and available for 3 months after course completion.

Eligible for PACE credits from NAMA Association (USA)

A certificate will be issued to students who participate in all sessions

$200 USD donation

100% of the proceeds support the Vaidyagrama Community Trust & the Punarnava Community Trust