Prasooti Tantra

March 2-7, 2020

at Vaidyagrama Healing Village, Coimbatore

1Anatomy and physiology of reproductive system-Lectures
2Pre pregnancy: preparing body and mind to receive a soul- Assessment, guidelines for would be fathers and mothers, Safe motherhood with Ayurveda, Menarche to menopause- An ayurvedic overviewQuestionnaire and discussion
3Garba Sanskar, Mantra and AgnihotraLecture, film and music, yoga
4Specific pregnancy conditions and complicationsLectures
5Garbini Vritta and paricharya- Care and conduct during pregnancy, Importance of Postures.Lecture, Yoga
6Garbini Aahar- Diet during pregnancy, managing your emotions during pregnancy, role of would be fathersLecture and cooking class
7Garbahita AushadhiLecture and Demonstration of preparation of medicine
8Different Ways of Prasooti- Jala Prasooti, Birth at home.Lectures
9Month By Month growth of the baby and mother’s lifestyle( Embryology)Lectures, Demonstration of Yoga and Diet
10Sutika Paricharya- Care during post partal period and lactationLectures
11Navjat Shishu Paricharya- Immediate care of a new born, Abhyangam, Neo natology, diet and immunity, baby care according to Ayurveda, Common diseases and solutionLectures and demonstrations
12Breast Feeding, diet and medicines that help breast feedingLectures
13Stanya Dushti-Lactational disordersLectures
14Values in Children, Parenting and ArtLectures
15Saundarya in Garbini and SutikaLectures
16Going back to Normal lifeLectures

Practical Training for Prasooti Tantra

PRECONCEPTION care – For preparation of pregnancy: Panchakarma procedures, Vasti, Yoga.

ANTENATAL care – 2nd trimester: Abhyangam, Yoni Pichu, Bhadra ksheerapakam, etc.

POST NATAL care- Yoga, Soothika snanam, Pelvic exercise, Abhyangam, Abdomen bandage, etc.

Our Faculty

Meet some of our faculty who are experts in their field which involves Pregnancy and Child care: Dr Asmabi, Dr Pradeep, Dr Ramya, Dr Mini, Dr Ramadas.

Program Cost

For Indian Physicians: Rs 10000

For Foreign Practitioners: USD $450

Receive NAMA (National Ayurveda Medical Association USA) Continuing Education PACE credits for attendance

Cost includes course tuition, shared accommodation, and 3 simple vegetarian meals daily

To Register

Please contact (+919047817525)

(Please inquire for group discounts)

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