A Program for Vaidyagrama Patients


As you begin planning for your return home, you may be wondering…

How will I integrate Ayurveda into my life after my panchakarma is over?  

Who will I turn to with questions that arise? 

How can I stay connected to the inspiration that is so alive here at Vaidyagrama?

You are invited to join other Vaidyagrama patients in a weekly educational class with Vaidyagrama-trained Ayurveda practitioners via teleconference from your home, anywhere in the world.

  • Extend the healing benefits of your panchakarma with specific guidance on self-care, daily routines, home cooking, and other important topics
  • Learn workable ways to integrate new practices of healthy living into your busy lifestyle 
  • Get answers to your specific questions from practitioners who know the Vaidyagrama experience, approach, and physicians
  • Connect and learn with other patients who are also navigating re-entry to home after panchakarma
  • Discover how incredible you can feel by incorporating Ayurveda into your life in a steady, supported, step-by-step manner

Your 3-month program will begin the week after you return home. Our satsang will be led by two experienced Ayurveda practitioners who will inspire you each week with practical guidance, new ideas, and encouragement to live in harmony with nature for the health of your body, your mind and your community.

Program Structure

  • Weekly teleconference satsang for enrolled patients during the first 3 months upon returning home held at the same time every week
  • Calls will be recorded so students who must miss a class can listen in later
  • 12-week curriculum continuously cycles, so patients can join in whenever they are discharged and not miss a topic

Components Included in Program

    • 12 weekly teleconference satsangs with up to 12 other patients (1 hour per week)
    • Participation in online forum between meetings for community support, connection and Q&A
    • Buddy system to pair you with one other participant for check in’s and inspiration
    • Recommended reading list for those who want to deepen their study
    • Connection to an international community of other Vaidyagrama patients after going home

Course Practitioners

Emily Glaser


Ivy Ingram


Program Cost

$495 for 3 Month Program