During this inspiring retreat, you will…

  • Explore ancient temples and learn about traditions that honor prominent deities including the 9 planets of the ancient Indian astrology system
  • Expand your understanding of the healing process and how to support your own vibrant health through daily educational satsangs and discussions
  • Relax and rejuvenate in beautiful natural surroundings with delicious organic meals in an eco-conscious retreat center with grand turn-of-the-century villas and an on-site museum
  • Deepen your personal practices through optional yoga, meditation and pranayama sessions designed to support your health and happiness
  • Make true connections with other like-minded students of life drawn to the ancient teachings and spiritual practices of India
  • Support the charity activities of vaidyagrama Healing Village through your participation in this retreat of a lifetime

Our Retreat is an Exploration of a Living Culture

Our days will be focused around visits to the Navagraha temples that honor the Indian culture’s foundational worship of the cosmic forces that are understood to define reality. We will also visit traditional bronze-work artisans, sculptors and painters, and experience traditional music and dance.

In addition to cultural and spiritual excursions, we will enjoy daily discussions on topics from Ayurveda, the traditional healing art of India, as well as Jyotisha, the ancient system of Indian astrology. You will also have the option to participate in daily yoga and meditation sessions.

Discover the Navagraha of Southern India

Our retreat center is located centrally between 9 temples dedicated to each of the 9 planets (nava= nine, graha=planet) of ancient astrology or Jyotisha.

Each day of our retreat will be dedicated to a different planet, featuring a visit to that planet’s temple and in-depth explorations of the themes of healing and right-living that the featured planet-deity personifies. You will even have the opportunity to receive traditional palm-leaf astrology readings with local astrologers, or jyotishis.

Support India’s Villages while Immersing in Her Sacred Sites

All profits from this retreat will go to support the charity activities of vaidyagrama Healing Village of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Some of our ongoing projects include free medical camps in nearby villages, meal provision for the elderly, a children’s home on the vaidyagrama campus, and women’s empowerment programs.