Explore Ayurveda With Us

Vaidyagrama means a healing village, a community of Ayurveda doctors, therapists, groundskeepers, and staff who provide authentic treatment in a space that is green and environment-friendly. We designed our campus in alignment with the principles of Ayurveda and Vastu shastra, creating a space that is, in its very essence, a space of healing – a natural setting with maximum energy conservation and management techniques.

In addition to providing compassionate patient care, we are also a learning facility. We believe learning happens best experientially. Patients and professionals alike find the heart of Ayurveda here.

Join us and discover authentic Ayurveda for yourself!


Vaidyagrama inspires in every meaning of the word – it breathes life into you, it lifts you up, and lights you up with the inner light of the divine.
May this healing work continue and spread its peaceful energy throughout the world.

Ras Rossetti

What a blessing and a gift vaidyagrama is for the world! I am so grateful that this place is here on our planet sharing the light of Ayurveda with all of us who need it so. At Vaidyagrama, as a student, I have learned to listen for Nature’s rhythms. I have learned to let go of “right” and “wrong” and to open to what is present as it is. 

Birgit Kern

This place is full of teachers – indeed, they are everywhere you turn – and while I know I will likely get to re-learn many of these truths over and over again, the presence of vaidyagrama in my life will remain as a living teacher. My gratitude is unbounded for the sweet, loving souls that have held me here with such care and simplicity, such grace.

Lynn Fenske